Monday, Please be gentle with me…

Oh, my. Is it Monday again?


And a rainy, gloomy Monday at that. I just want to go back to bed and hibernate. All week long.

Had a great weekend. Spent most of Saturday being creative and working on scrapbook pages (more on that tomorrow) and then Sunday was all about family and friendship. Perfect way to spend the weekend.

Saturday night’s dinner was a delicious Low Country Boil, cooked by SuperMan in the pouring down rain.


Poor man. He loves us (and his shrimp) to be cooking in the rain.


Today we’re back to the grindstone and everyone was wishing for a little  more weekend as we geared up for the day.

At least I have some yummy meals planned:

(Check out more menu planning ideas over on )img_1135

Now, I’m back to work – got my Pandora radio blasting, the kitty sleeping at my feet and a cup of tea ready for me.  It’s time to focus.

Have a great day!

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