Project Life Tuesday ~ 24 April 12

Hello and welcome to Project Life Tuesday!

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I’m using the Clementine Edition of the Project Life kit offered by Becky Higgins, supplemented by some digital extras and using up the random bits I have from twelve-plus years of scrapbooking. Some weeks are more digital than others and some weeks are full of frills and furbelows. It just depends on my mood.

This week is a little more digital – with the exception of some old Creative Memories’ Black & White paper and some red ribbon for a punch of color. Since it was a rainy, gloomy week last week, I went with black & white for the major color scheme.img_1471

(remember to click on any image to see it larger)

Here are a few close ups:img_1472

This was the back of the page from last week and it had six 6×4 pockets. I realized this only after I’d cut my 3×4 pictures and rounded the corners, but I think it looks OK. It matches the other page, at least.


I thought the red ribbon tied in nicely to the red on the radar and the red tail lights from the rainy day picture.img_1474

a close-up of the journaling. Loving the Cathy Zielske journaling cards. I made the border dark grey to go with my color scheme.

Right side page: (sorry for the glare)


My favorite cookies – SuperMan brought some home for me. Love to nibble on some with some green tea at night while we watch TV.img_1476

And the cat has moved back in the house because the doggies have taken over her garage – at least until the back yard is de-flea-ed and the rain lets up.

and then there is my dismay over gas prices. I figured it was worthy of documenting – img_1477

and my current magazine loves & Big Girl’s multi-tasking…

Moving on to Saturday when the pups tried (vainly) to get into the house for a visit.


That’s it from around here. I’m not participating in the Week in the Life project (maybe one day) but I have been taking lots of pictures and it’s only Tuesday! Yay, me!

Thanks for stopping by!

17 thoughts on “Project Life Tuesday ~ 24 April 12

  1. Love the picture of the milkshake & texting.
    Definitely a teen thing! Also like how you included a picture of the doppler radar showing all the rain.

    Have a great week!


  2. great pages…I’ve seen some other gas pump numbers on facebook and I am grateful I don’t drive a van or SUV…my tank is smaller I think but it makes the paying for gas not so shocking 🙂 Thanks for visiting me today!


  3. Your pages look great, I love that you are really capturing the everyday.

    If it is any consolation here in Australia I paid over $1.50/Litre for petrol yesterday – that converts to about $5.67/gallon. Ridiculous!!


  4. Did you know they make a Biscotti spread? I don’t know what stores carry it, b/c my Mom found some at a store in Utah and brought me a jar.
    It’s like peanut butter, but is made w/ Biscotti cookies and it is SOOOOOO GOOOOD!
    I ♥ it!


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