Project Life Tuesday ~ 3 July

Hello and welcome to Project Life Tuesday!

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I’m using the Clementine Edition of the Project Life kit offered by Becky Higgins, supplemented by some digital extras and using up the random bits I have from twelve-plus years of scrapbooking. Some weeks are more digital than others and some weeks are full of frills and furbelows. It just depends on my mood.

Still catching up on my Project Life pages. I am proud of my progress, though. I started my Volume Two and have a pretty new cover page started.


My plan is to put some pictures of us on the blank spots – some from the second half of the year, so I will fill those in as I find some great shots of us.

I am amazed at how many pictures I had for the week of June 4th! I think I ended up with six pages here – but there really weren’t any pictures I wanted to leave out. You will see below that we had a whole bunch from a Sunday outing to Ft. Pulaski and I took quite a few on my trip to HQ as well. I am happy with the pages and have enjoyed puttering along a little at a time for the past week or so on these pages.

Here they are:


This was the beginning of the week – Little Bit’s recital. Again, I ended up with two inserts to fit the pictures and programs and a sweet, sweet note that Big Girl gave to her sister after the recital.


On the back of the insert, I added a few other pictures of the ballerina…



The next set of pages are from the week – my trip to HQ and the girls’ activities/antics at “Ammi camp”


(remember you can click on an image to see it larger)


And that just takes us to Friday of that week! Jeez!

Okay, so then moving along to the weekend – this is our trip to Ft. Pulaski on Sunday and hanging out at Mom’s –


You can read more about our adventure here.


Some closer-up pictures of the pages – this was an 8×10 insert I added:


and I put my journaling in a pull-out card (one of those index card filer cards)


And after the fort, we rode out to the beach for a little stroll (in the rain!)


and the final page (!) of the week of many pictures:



I have more pages to share with you – the remaining weeks of June. I am hoping to share those next week after I put the finishing touches on them.

Thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Project Life Tuesday ~ 3 July

  1. Wow, you did a great job on these! I LOVE the ballet ones, how pretty it all looks. What a fun trip and amazing pictures from it. I can’t believe these were all in one weeks’s time, you have been busy. I had a lot of photos from last week too and finally took some out and only added in one extra insert.

    How pretty that front page is, gorgeous colors. Will look great when you get pictures in it.

    Good luck on your next week.


  2. such great ballet pictures, I bet your little one will love all the attention when she looks at the album … oh, and I LOVE the pp you chose for your title page, it’s very striking!


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