Project Life Tuesday 3.27.12

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Can you believe March is almost over?

It feels strange.

Especially so since we never really had a winter here. We went from fall to a pseudo-spring-winter-type season and then spring/summer has begun. Crazy.

Of course, the kids and I can’t wait for school to be out and we’re looking forward to spring break next week – no early mornings and a much easier schedule. I’ll still be working, but I’m sure we’ll fit some fun adventures in during the week.

Here are my pages for the past week. Somewhat simple, but I like them. I stuck with a color scheme of peaches, light blue, and pinks… in keeping with my Project Life journal cards I had chosen. It was fun to find other things to add to the mix that complemented those colors.

Here’s the two page spread with and without the insert: (you can click on the image to make it larger)



The Left page:


Close ups:


And the Right page:


and a close up:


LOVE using my chats and capturing the little things – also loving this picture of Big Girl and Superman from Saturday.

Like I said; sweet and simple this week. But I like it.

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22 thoughts on “Project Life Tuesday 3.27.12

  1. Love your pages. The piece of patterned paper looks great and I like the way your have used the phone messages.


  2. Sweet and simple absolutely works! Your pages are great – and I love the way you included the Milky Way wrapper.

    And thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!


    1. Thanks… now that my mom has discovered texting, we have all-day-long conversations. i love to capture snippets to remember. she had just gotten her iphone and was all nervous about setting it up on her own (even though she did just fine)


    1. Thanks! I love capturing those “in the moment” things – things that you wouldn’t remember if you weren’t doing this week-by-week but that mean so much later when you look back.


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