Menu Plan Monday ~ 2 April 12

Happy Monday!

We spent an absolutely glorious weekend together as a family – it was bliss for me. Dinners eaten as a unit, good conversation, lots of laughter and even some special time for me with my man. I am a happy girl today thanks to such a nice weekend.

Looking forward to some fun this week – the girls are out for Spring Break. We’re not traveling – SuperMan and I have to work – but I am hoping to sneak some fun in nonetheless.

I’m also planning some yummy meals. Especially things that don’t require me to spend a lot of time in the kitchen (read: crock pots and grills will be involved).

So, let’s move on to the plan, shall we?

  • Monday: Pork Butt (a crock pot yummy) with some sticky rice and veggies
  • Tuesday: Baked potato bar & salads
  • Wednesday: Fajitas (I will share this recipe later this week)
  • Thursday: Grilled chicken thighs & legs (still cooking what I stocked up on when they were 98 cents a pound! they’re marinating in a vacuum sealed bag in my freezer, slathered in Italian dressing and herbs.)
  • Friday: Pizza night
  • Saturday: LUNCH: sloppy joes; DINNER: something yummy on the grill most likely
  • Sunday: Easter dinner: Crock Pot “rotisserie” chicken, rice, veggies, dinner rolls & salad.

I’ve also whipped up a batch of the infamous raisin bran muffins and made a dozen already. I have enough batter for probably 2-3 dozen more, so those will be baked up as needed for breakfasts/snacks this week.

I’m also hoping to try out making some homemade chocolate chip granola bars with the girls.

What’re you cooking this week?


You can find more yummy recipes on where you can find some great recipes and menu plans.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some updates to my Project Life pages.

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