Saturday in the park…

Well, not the park, exactly. Just our lovely little yard.

Happy Saturday to you! How’s your day going so far?

SuperMan and I had a date last night – saw the move This Means War – and had a really nice time. Nothing better than eating gourmet chocolate, walking in the rain and then holding hands through a cute movie. Perfect night.

Today has been filled with chores – grocery shopping, laundry and the like but we’ve been enjoying time together as a family. I’ve also been enjoying some new sandals that I got last week.


Aren’t they pretty? 

They’re from Orthaheel and are supposed to give you all sorts of support for your back, legs and feet.  I love the arch supports they have and have been enjoying wearing them, although my back and legs are still getting used to the “adjustment” they are giving me. 

Now I just need a new toenail polish. I didn’t realize this color was so light! My toes look like zombie toes.  I’ll have to fix that (and soon!).

I’m linking up with Shoe Style Saturday today – what are you wearing on your feet today?

3 thoughts on “Saturday in the park…

  1. Sounds like a perfect date night! I’ve never heard of This Means War (the hubs and I are always looking for good movies to watch together).

    Those sandals are too cute. I’ve heard of Orthaheel, everyone says they’re comfy but that “adjustment” takes some getting used to. The ones I have (not Orthaheel but similar) have a cork bed that took some getting used to but I do love them.

    Thank you for linking up, I appreciate it.


    1. Do love them! There is a “break in” period of a couple days where you have to get your body used to the realignment it provides, but they are super-comfortable after that. I even got a pair for BigGirl to help with her foot issues.


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