Scrapbooking in 2012

I’m still deciding on what I want to do with regards to my family scrapbook for 2012.  I am vacillating between doing an all-digital album and doing what I’ve done the past two years – a combination of Project Life pages and digital pages tucked in between.  That’s worked pretty well so far and I’m thinking that may be what I do again.

I like the way those albums have turned out… I get to have the ephemera of everyday life along with the pretty scrapbooked pages all in one place. But they are BIG albums – take a lot of space – and I’m wondering if maybe I want to do an all-digital solution this year. The book will be smaller if I do a digital book, but I’ll lose that touchy-feely stuff.


I have time, though, to think it through. Last year, I was in the same dilemma, so I just gathered all my stuff, as usual, and then when I finally made my decision (I think it was in March) I just had to order the Project Life supplies and get started.

I’m thinking I’m going to go with the same format as the last two years. I like being able to include the kids’ school work and miscellaneous things from our days – brochures, calendars, church bulletins, and the like.

Right now, I’m focusing on finishing the 2011 album!

2011 Family Album (4.0) - Page 001

And my December album.  That one will be all digital pages – but I’m putting them in an 8.5×11 book with page protectors. The 8×8 December album last year was just too small for my tastes and 12×12 seems a little overkill for one month’s worth of memories.  I found a red 8.5×11 album in my stash that I had purchased for another project, so I’m going to use it.

December 2011 page 1

I’m hoping to show you some pictures from that album later this week and then I’ll have everything printed up all nice & pretty over on I love their processing (and pricing) and prefer the finish to what I get on my printer at home.

As far as other scrapbooking projects for 2012?

I’m taking Move More | Eat Well over on Big Picture Classes. So far, I love it. Loving the project, the inspiration and the camaraderie of the message boards. Lots of folks doing the same thing I am – trying to get fit and eat right.

Other than that, I have no big plans for scrapbooking in 2012. As busy as life is right now, that’ll probably be all I can handle… unless the irresistible project happens to present itself. Smile

One never knows…

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