Project Life Tuesday 3.13.12

3.13.12 what a weird number combination.

Don’t know why that struck me strange, but it did…


Hello and welcome to Project Life Tuesday!
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The pages are simpler this week and no inserts to share – I have been so busy with work and sick kiddos that the fact that the pages are complete is a major accomplishment for me this week. Still loving the project and being able to stay current with what’s going on in our lives with just a small time investment on Saturday afternoons. I’m guarding that creative time very carefully as it has become a little oasis for me in the midst of a lot of busy-ness in our lives.

Without any further chatter – here are the pages:

(sorry for the shadow – didn’t know it was there when I took the pictures!)


(remember, you can click on the picture to see it larger)

The left side:imgp4042

Using my creative license and filled a journal slot with a little cut piece of the box of muffin mix the girls love and request at least once a week. I also included a picture of my brother and his family that they sent me. They are big skiers and go almost every weekend. So it is only fitting to include that here, I think.

I also made my own journaling card (yay, me!) and thought it turned out pretty well (This week) if I do say so myself.

I am loving using the smaller slots for the cell phone pictures and being able to capture all the little bitty bits of life that way – not being confined to only seven photos a week. I think I am averaging closer to 15 pictures that way.

I also used a nifty new program I discovered for my iPhone – PicFrame – that allows you to fit multiple photos into little bitty frames – which gives you even more options! (eek!)

Here’s one I did on Friday night:img_1126

I love how it turned out – and the program was very easy to figure out. This was my very first attempt.

I just stuck it into a 4×6 picture and added some journaling and another photo beside it… so I got four pictures and journaling all in one 4×6 photo! Pretty cool. (I did that part in PSE, not on the phone)


The rest of the right side page was devoted to our Saturday adventures with our friends – a few stickers on the pictures for embellishments and that was about it – I kept it simple. The story is over on the left side page.

The quote card is from Design House Digital – 2012 Life Blocks by Audrey Neal. Love those.

The little starburst on my journal card is from there, too. Kate Teague – This Life

I can’t recall where the other things are from – mostly freebies, I think.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a new favorite recipe with you. Smile

Project Life Tuesday: 1.10.12

Well, I’m off to a great start this year. I spent a good part of Saturday finishing the unfinished journaling in my 2011 Project Life album and ordered the Oct/Nov/Dec prints to finish up the album.  That’ll be next weekend’s project – to put those in and get the project wrapped up.

I also began my 2012 Project Life album. I have been so inspired by all the PL posts I’ve read and photos of other people’s albums.  As I mentioned last week, I was a little undecided as to how I was going to approach this year’s scrapbooking.  After reading the posts and looking at my past PL albums, I decided that was the way to go. So, I ordered the Clementine core kit and will use the leftover page protectors I have from the last two years until I run out of those. I also found a 12×12 three-ring album in my stash, so things are pretty well set at this point.


^^ My album and all my new PL supplies in one place, ready to go. ^^

I decided that I’m going to approach this PL album as any other “regular” scrapbook.  One of the blogs I read mentioned that she approaches each pocket on a pocket page as an individual mini scrapbook page – and that she works to coordinate the pockets on a page, but tries to be creative with each pocket. That had sparks going off in my brain. THAT is what I’ve been missing so far – I have felt like my albums were very basic – functional and served a purpose, but I’ve missed the creativity of “traditional” scrapbooking.

So, I made a trip to Archiver’s on Friday with a friend and picked up a few extras to use to embellish and step outside the core PL kit.  I’m also planning to use some of the overlays and templates that Ali Edwards & Cathy Zielske have on Designer Digitals to add a little more flair to my pages.


^^ Some of the new goodies I got from Archiver’s ^^

I’m pleased with the results so far.

My cover pages are inspired by Cathy’s – (her post is here)


And this first week of January warranted two two-page spreads because I wanted to tell the story of the hike.  I may yet change it and put a 6×12 page in there so I have more room for journaling and photos as I felt like I was having to truncate my story to fit it into the 4×6 slot.


But, overall, I am very pleased with what I’ve done so far.  And very excited to get going. My plan is to print my photos at home (unless there is a great sale somewhere) and maybe use a little of the Project Life digital supplies, too.


I’ll be sharing pages here (I hope) weekly – my plan is to work on the previous week’s pages each Saturday night.

Scrapbooking in 2012

I’m still deciding on what I want to do with regards to my family scrapbook for 2012.  I am vacillating between doing an all-digital album and doing what I’ve done the past two years – a combination of Project Life pages and digital pages tucked in between.  That’s worked pretty well so far and I’m thinking that may be what I do again.

I like the way those albums have turned out… I get to have the ephemera of everyday life along with the pretty scrapbooked pages all in one place. But they are BIG albums – take a lot of space – and I’m wondering if maybe I want to do an all-digital solution this year. The book will be smaller if I do a digital book, but I’ll lose that touchy-feely stuff.


I have time, though, to think it through. Last year, I was in the same dilemma, so I just gathered all my stuff, as usual, and then when I finally made my decision (I think it was in March) I just had to order the Project Life supplies and get started.

I’m thinking I’m going to go with the same format as the last two years. I like being able to include the kids’ school work and miscellaneous things from our days – brochures, calendars, church bulletins, and the like.

Right now, I’m focusing on finishing the 2011 album!

2011 Family Album (4.0) - Page 001

And my December album.  That one will be all digital pages – but I’m putting them in an 8.5×11 book with page protectors. The 8×8 December album last year was just too small for my tastes and 12×12 seems a little overkill for one month’s worth of memories.  I found a red 8.5×11 album in my stash that I had purchased for another project, so I’m going to use it.

December 2011 page 1

I’m hoping to show you some pictures from that album later this week and then I’ll have everything printed up all nice & pretty over on I love their processing (and pricing) and prefer the finish to what I get on my printer at home.

As far as other scrapbooking projects for 2012?

I’m taking Move More | Eat Well over on Big Picture Classes. So far, I love it. Loving the project, the inspiration and the camaraderie of the message boards. Lots of folks doing the same thing I am – trying to get fit and eat right.

Other than that, I have no big plans for scrapbooking in 2012. As busy as life is right now, that’ll probably be all I can handle… unless the irresistible project happens to present itself. Smile

One never knows…

Scrapbook Tuesday

Well, I’m caught up on my Project Life album!

Mostly, anyway.


I went on a “retreat” this weekend with a  girlfriend and spent about twelve hours on Saturday working on my album.  I got May – November pictures in the pages (which included sorting through a TON of memorabilia, school papers, etc. and photos) and I’m now in the process of catching up on the journaling.


The pages are not fancy – but they are done. And right now, I’m happy with that. I’ll be supplementing with some digital pages I’ve done so the “fancy” will come with that.


I have to say, though, every time I do a Project Life/Project 365 album (this is my third year) I get discouraged about mid-year and slack off.  Then I pick up steam again whenever I get a scrapbook weekend to catch up and I remember why I love this concept so much.


I love being able to snap those everyday, mundane things that make up our lives and that I wouldn’t necessarily dedicate an entire scrapbook page (and subsequent supplies) to but that really capture what our life is like right now… what is important to us, what captures our fancy, where we are spending our time.


I’m also planning to add in some printouts of my blog posts that correspond with some of the pictures – why re-write all of that? Why not just include it here? After all, I figure my blog is my online scrapbook!


I also really love how QUICKLY it comes together (once I sit down and actually DO it!)  I remarked on Sunday morning that I wish I had the discipline to actually do the work on a weekly basis when the memories are fresh and stay caught up.  Alas, that never seems to happen. But, my current method of using an iris project holder to keep my memorabilia and ephemera works pretty well.


Last weekend, I just dug around in that, put things in chronological order, slipped it into the appropriate page protectors or pockets and then filled in with photos and journal boxes after that was done.  It works well for me.


It also frees me from feeling like I have to do my “normal” scrapbooking chronologically.  Now that I do that mostly digitally, I like being able to bounce around where the inspiration strikes and having my PL album chronological frees me from feeling like I might miss something by jumping around with my other pages.


I’ll share some more pages in the coming weeks – I didn’t want to post 100 pages today – that would be rather boring, I think. Smile


Scrapbook Tuesday

I didn’t get as much scrapbooking done during the holiday as I had thought I would. Actually, I just wasn’t feeling the creative burst to do so… That, and I know I’ll be doing a LOT of scrapbooking this coming weekend, so I focused more on other things (like knitting and reading and hanging out with the girls) than on scrapbooking.

I did manage to get one page done –

2011 Family Album (4.0) - Page 035

I think it turned out well – and it captures a sweet moment with Little Bit and me that I didn’t even know SuperMan took a picture of.  This was at the cabin in North Carolina when we met my mom and stepdad up there for the weekend.

I’ll have lots more to share next week, I’m sure!

Project Life Tuesday ~ 13 September 11

Sorry the blog has been so quiet lately. The blog has been quiet but my life has not! Which is why I haven’t had a blog post – I’ve just been so busy!

But I am sharing my recent photos for Project Life Tuesday today. I haven’t taken many, but here are the ones from last week:


a rainy day walk with SuperMan and the pups


Lilly pads on the lake


Walking with the munchkins


Big Girl’s science project on cells


Big Girl learning to shoot the BB Gun with her grandpa.


We have been invaded – by birdies of all sorts – including hummingbirds!


Walking walking walking – that was my week – a great stress reliever.imgp3685

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Project Life Tuesday ~ 23 August 11

Busy week last week – we are getting in the groove of our school routine and work has been quite busy as well. That has left little time (or brain power) for scrapbooking, photography, etc. Although, I did manage a pretty good scrapping session on Saturday. (You can see the fruits of my labors here.)

I already shared some of last week’s photos with you on some earlier blog posts – but here are a few shots I haven’t shared yet:


1. Waiting for the Imax movie at Fernbank.
2. Walking on the grounds at Fernbank.
3. Dinner at Papadeaux to celebrate my bonus.
4. Yummy, decadent dessert at Papadeaux.
5-8. Sunday afternoon means baths for puppies
9. Hot, Hot, and more Hot. Ready for Fall.
10-11. Waiting for dinner on Friday. This is what we see now. Faces in screens.
12-14. Lunch on the Lawn after church on Sunday

That’s it for this week!

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Project Life Tuesday ~ 16 August

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Just a few shots today from our weekend adventures as I’ve already shared the back-to-school shots on the blog last week.

We took the girls to the science museum on Saturday.  Had a great time exploring all of the exhibits together.PL Template 8-13 2PL Template 8-13

That’s it for this week!

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These Hands

These Hands - Page 018

These Hands…

Are Strong and Tough
Yet Gentle and Loving
Work Hard and Rough
and Caress so Softly
Represent Making a Living
and Safety and Security
These Hands are Tough
… Yet Fragile.
We love these hands.

Memory Jogger for Scrapbookers

I just found the coolest tool.  It’s called “Log Your Memory.”  It’s a daybook/journal for scrapbookers.  The idea is to give you a single place to jot down things you want to remember and scrapbook. Maybe a page layout idea, a quote from your kids, a song to journal about, photos to take, etc.

There are weekly challenges and questionnaires to get your creative juices going and help you think about areas you may not have scrapbooked about before.Logbook_interior_closeup

I’m constantly tearing pages out of magazines – layouts I’ve loved, color schemes or design ideas – I am going to add these to my Memory Logbook.  There is a downloadable ebook that you can print yourself at home, or you can purchase a bound or spiral version as well.  I got the downloadable version and am planning to put it in a 3-ring notebook with some pocket pages to hold all those ripped out pages and doodles or scribbles of ideas I have.

Of course, there are monthly and daily planning pages, too.  You can make this your regular planning calendar if you want.

What a cool idea!