Project Life Tuesday ~ 23 August 11

Busy week last week – we are getting in the groove of our school routine and work has been quite busy as well. That has left little time (or brain power) for scrapbooking, photography, etc. Although, I did manage a pretty good scrapping session on Saturday. (You can see the fruits of my labors here.)

I already shared some of last week’s photos with you on some earlier blog posts – but here are a few shots I haven’t shared yet:


1. Waiting for the Imax movie at Fernbank.
2. Walking on the grounds at Fernbank.
3. Dinner at Papadeaux to celebrate my bonus.
4. Yummy, decadent dessert at Papadeaux.
5-8. Sunday afternoon means baths for puppies
9. Hot, Hot, and more Hot. Ready for Fall.
10-11. Waiting for dinner on Friday. This is what we see now. Faces in screens.
12-14. Lunch on the Lawn after church on Sunday

That’s it for this week!

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