I need another Saturday

I need another Saturday to recover from my weekend. I need a “hookey” day to just laze around and do nothing.

But THAT is not going to happen, so I got up this morning, put on my “big girl pants” and I’m getting on with my day.

Baked a batch of bread for the week and made a loaf of banana bread with some very very ripe bananas I had on the counter. (hopefully they weren’t TOO ripe) Started dinner in the crock pot and started some laundry and now I’m at my computer for the day.

So, not too shabby a start to my day!

I’m learning that dinners for the week have to be a little different than last school year. The girls’ dance classes are later in the day – finishing after six in the evenings. That means on dance days we eat later, which is OK because then we can eat with SuperMan as a family. But that means I’ve got to have a heftier after-school snack on those days (i.e. sandwiches, pizza, etc.) and plan something that can either be prepared quickly or prepped ahead in the crock pot or oven. That way, when we get home from dance and they are ravenous I can plop dinner in front of them and watch them devour it! (that’s one good thing about eating after dance – they are hungry!)


So, given that, here’s my plan for this week:

Planned snacks this week:

  • cheese quesadillas
  • chicken flautas
  • popcorn
  • banana bread
  • Nutella & graham cracker stacks
  • fresh melons cut up

I’m also going to make some chicken salad (again) with some leftover grilled chicken we cooked on Saturday. And I’m craving veggie “chili” but I’m not sure it is cool enough for that yet… may have to wait a week.

I am also on the hunt for some (easy) breakfast ideas. My girls are not big breakfast eaters – as a matter of fact, Big Girl prefers a smoothie of some sort. The good news is that Little Bit is finally getting away from the processed junk she used to love – no more pop-tarts and the like – and craving healthier options. The bad news is that she is getting bored with the same options. I need some new ideas!

Do you have any tried and true breakfast ideas? Things I can either make ahead or prepare quickly on school mornings?

I’d love some ideas!

That’s it for now. Have a great, no terrific, week and hop on over to orgjunkie.com for some ideas for more menus.

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