Summer Stories (part 1)

I thought I’d share with you some of the adventures the girls and I had this summer while I was on my blogging break –

One of which was a trip to Savannah to spend a week with Mom.  While we were there we went to Georgia Southern University and visited the museum of natural history they have there. The museum focuses on local cultural and natural history and the showcase exhibit includes a mosasaur. (yeah, I’d never heard of it either) 


Isn’t he ugly? Those teeth!

Apparently, way, way, way, way back (like 78 million way backs) in time most of Georgia from Macon eastward was under water.  Scientists are finding evidence of all sorts of prehistoric sea life in South Georgia.  It was really interesting to see the fossils, including a prehistoric whale.


Someone didn’t want to be a mosasaur’s lunch! Smile

They also had exhibits about the Civil War there as well.

It was a small museum, and we went through it pretty quickly, but it was a nice day trip and the girls and I learned new things.  We went with my mom and her friend Anne, who has become a special adopted grandma to the girls and I this past year. 

After we toured the museum we had lunch at a quaint restaurant (the Beaver House Inn) that featured home-style Southern cooking. We told my brother about it and he fondly remembers eating there in his college days with his buddies.  They loved the “all you can eat” aspect and the home cooking.  I’m sure the restaurant didn’t know what hit them when a bunch of hungry college boys showed up to get their fill of home cooking!

All in all it was a great day…

I’ll share more of our adventures with you in the coming weeks.


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