Just some “simple poetry”

My Big Girl came home from school today and asked me to type up some homework for her…

As I was typing it, I was just overwhelmed …

You see, she had to write a poem about herself …

And it just about brought me to tears.

So, I thought, rather than the post I’d planned for today, I would share this with you.

My sweet girl’s poetry.

She’s rather blase about the poem. Said it was just some “simple poetry.” But it touched me.

Her introspection, her perspective, and an insight into how she sees herself.

I love it.

I hope you do, too.

I am from salty beaches, from Southern home cooking.
I am from mossy trees and blue jeans.
I’m from beautiful flowers, from the historic city.
I’m from pine trees.
I am from hot summers and chilly winters.

I’m from yes ma’ams and no sirs.
I am from y’all and bless your heart.
I’m from home-made bread to intelligence.
I am from a family as sweet as candy.
I’m from heavenly cooked food.
I’m from a prayer before you eat to a prayer before I sleep.
I am from the positives and the happies, from Lois and Rob.

I’m from great home cooking.
I’m from the organizing of my mom, from the neatness of my grandma.
I am from the positivity of my dad to the thoughtfulness of my grandpa.
I’m from the living room shelves filled with billions of memories.
I am those memories.
I am from hopes and dreams.
I am those hopes and dreams –

I am a Southern child.


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