So then this happened…

So, we made a little trip to see the podiatrist today…IMG_3674[1]

Somewhere we didn’t think we would be going anytime soon.

But, my Big Girl’s foot has been bothering her the past few weeks and we decided to play it safe and get it checked out. (You may recall she had surgery last fall on the same foot.)  She’s been in a lot of pain and her foot was swelling so we wanted to be sure nothing serious was going on.


So, we saw the doctor. He checked her out and thinks that two things are going on: 1- she’s had a growth spurt and maybe her ligaments/tendons have not stretched as fast as her bones have grown and 2-she’s overdone it with going from “zero to sixty” in the past few weeks starting school, dance, etc. again.

So then this got pulled out:


And then this happened:


And now my baby is in a boot again for three more weeks.


We’re hoping the preliminary diagnosis is right and that there’s nothing else going on. Not ready to go down the same trail we went last year.

I want my girl to run and dance and spin and leap.

Not wear a boot.


So, we’ll tough this out and hope and pray that this rest for her foot does the trick.

So, that’s where we spent our Monday.

What about you?

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