Project Life Tuesday ~ 14 May 13

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Hope your week is treating you well – so far so good for us here. It’s time for another update on my Project Life pages…

A little background

The Mom CreativeThis year, I’m doing my Project Life album digitally. I’m using Creative Memories’ Storybook Creator software and Becky Higgins’ Turquoise Edition (for the most part)  I’ve also purchased these nifty little overlays that allow my pages to look like true pocket pages (I’m loving them).

I’m planning to print my pages as a book – hopefully, it will all fit in one volume and take up less space on the shelf than the 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 versions which are 2 volumes (2 3” binders) each!

This week’s pages

2013 Family Album - Page 018

The journaling reads:

Spring is springing and one of the ways we can tell is that, for the first time ever, the farmer has transformed the hay bales into bunny rabbits! We are so excited. * One of our new traditions is homemade pizzas on Friday nights * My latest snack obsession are these “protein bites” that are made from oatmeal, honey, peanut butter and coconut. They are SO good. * My latest crochet project is this beautiful afghan I’m hoping to make for the living room.

And the right side page:

2013 Family Album - Page 019

Top journaling:

Taking advantage of his time off of work, Rob decided to paint for me. He spent the better part of the week painting the foyer, kitchen, stairs and landing. My SuperMan!

Bottom journaling:

Very interesting fortune cookie at dinner and even funnier text with my boss the next day ~ hee hee!

Love my little one’s Visitor’s Day at dance – one of the highlights of the year. I love to see how much progress she’s made since the beginning of the year – and then again between Visitor’s Day and recital day two months later.

What about you?

How are your Project Life pages coming along?


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