Menu Plan Monday

We had such a fun weekend. Hiking and exploring in the mountains, enjoying the beautiful weather and glorious views.  The leaves were gorgeous, the temperatures just chilly enough to warrant a nice, roaring fire and yet not so cold that we were stuck in the cabin all weekend. It was just about perfect.

We enjoyed some of these:


And lots of this:


And some fantastic vistas:



And now we are back to real life today.  No one wanted to get up this morning, we were all still in vacation mode.  The creatures were happy we were home, though, and Scooby Cat has been following me around like a little black shadow ever since I walked in the door last night.

Still figuring out what we are going to do exactly for meals this week. Some of it is easy – leftovers from the weekend, or food I bought to cook but didn’t cook because Mom had other things to cook.  Some of it is based on special requests from the little monkeys…

  • Monday: Chicken noodle soup – special request from the girls
  • Tuesday: Hamburgers & hotdogs (leftover from the weekend)
  • Wednesday: Lasagna – I’m craving it.
  • Thursday: not sure yet – most likely leftovers.
  • Friday: Pizza! (with extra sauce from the lasagna)
  • Saturday: grilled steaks (leftover from the weekend, but frozen so they can wait) with baked potatoes and grilled veggies

That’s it for me. What are you planning for the week? Have you taken up my challenge? Three menu plans for the next three weeks?

I’m also doing some baking today – need to  make some fresh bread and I’m planning to use up some brown bananas by making a double batch of banana bread.  I’m also making some baked oatmeal for my ladies’ bible study group tomorrow morning. Busy, busy, bee!

And now I’m off to catch up on email and other things online. Limited internet and phone access over the weekend. It was glorious, but now I need to see what the world was up to this past weekend!!

Hop on over to for some more great menu planning ideas!!

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