Blissful days

We’ve taken a little holiday to the mountains – our annual pilgrimage to the North Carolina mountains to see the turning of the leaves. Mom and PopPop joined us and we all met at a cabin near the Cherohala Skyway – where we’ve stayed in years’ past. We love the area – the mountains are beautiful and the cabin we stay at is nice and welcoming – a perfect place to to relax and disengage from the world.img_0815

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and spent most of Friday exploring – riding around looking at the beautiful leaves and scenery.  We had a wonderful surprise in that it stormed on Thursday and the majority of the Skyway iced over. Mom and PopPop were riding up there in the storm and had to turn back because the roads were icing up.img_0805

On Friday we woke up early (I think they kids were up at 5:30!) and we drove up to the Skyway to see what we could see – would the snow still be there?


It was!


and it was absolutely beautiful.


There was some snow, more ice than snow, though… where the rain had fallen and frozen on the trees.


the girls were so excited.imgp3778

and we took full advantage for photo taking opportunities…


of people and scenery. I really think it was prettier than the fall leaves. and probably something we may never see again as I can’t imagine going up there on that Skyway in January or February! The roads are probably pretty treacherous.


It was cold, but even PopPop got out to walk around and look at the trees.imgp3798

And SuperMan got a little ice down his back when he tried to shake the ice off of the trees on to the girls and his trick backfired – he ended up with more ice on himself than anyone else!imgp3805

It’s been a fabulous weekend. Just what I needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and every day life. I am really relishing my time in the beauty of the mountains – I almost hate to go home.


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