Things I wish I knew

I didn’t realize, as a young person, how much the stories of my grandparents’ lives would mean to me later. I was busy – busy with the things I thought were important in my twenty-something life – too busy to listen and ask and listen some more.

Now, I wish I had.

One of the things I’ve discovered, thanks to my mom, is a little more about my grandparents’ machining business – and I wish they were here to ask them more questions about it.

Here is the letter she sent with the books she found:


And here is a picture of their business (I think):


And some of the pages of the record book:


I love looking at my grandma’s handwriting. Makes me miss her and feel close to her at the same time.


Look at the prices!


Some of their receipts – from 1947….


And an ad for their business…


I miss my grandparents. Wish they were here to tell me more about this.

What was it like? How did grandma WIND MOTORS at the same time as caring for my mom and uncle AND keeping the house?!?  (Mom was around 4 and my uncle around 7? I think)

I wish I knew.

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