Menu Plan Monday (uh, Tuesday) ~ 6 September

Well, I’m a day off again this week.  It’s with good cause, though, because we were celebrating the Labor Day holiday. Had a great day – walking in the rain with SuperMan, the girls & puppies, lazing around the house and then hosting some of our favorite people for a low country boil at the house. It was supposed to be a cookout, but it turned into a “cook-in” because of the rain. That didn’t slow us down at all, though. We had a marvelous time. When you have great company the locale is not as important.

Today we are back to the routine and I’m trying to wrap my head around some menu planning for the week. I’m hoping to cook out of my freezer as much as I can this week, so that means getting creative with my options.


Here are the menu items I’m thinking of making. Days are still open – what I will cook on what day – but this is the general plan:

I’m also planning to make my cheesy chicken pasta this weekend – we’re hosting our small group from church on Sunday. I imagine we’ll most likely eat dinner out on Saturday, too… so that will take us through the week.

What about you – any special plans this week?

Hop on over to for some ideas for more menus.

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