And we’re walking… we’re walking…

I love that line – not sure what movie it is from – anyone remember?

I always think about it when I’m trying to get the kids moving along and they are dilly-dallying as kids like to do…

But today it is in reference to the recent renewal of my walking habit.

I decided I’d like to drop another 10 pounds before the holidays and winter hibernation set in.  That means I have to mix things up a bit and do something different… ’cause we all know that doing the same thing only gets you the same thing you always got.

So, I’m walking.



The fact that it is about 20 degrees cooler outside has a lot to do with my renewed interest in outdoor activity. I have to be honest here.

And I have been loving every minute.

Sunday, we had a nice walk with the entire family – puppies and all.  Monday was the same and then Tuesday SuperMan and I walked (with the pups) in the rain. It was marvelous.


Today the girls and I walked together after we finished our school and work day. It was really nice to be together and talk about whatever came to mind.  I’d really like to keep that going and make it a habit. I think it would be good for the girls and good for me. And great for our relationships with each other.


Right now, I’m doing about 2 miles. I’d like to be at about double that really soon. How soon? Well, I don’t know. I think I could do more – except that my leg muscles are sore… I think once I get them reconditioned I could probably double it pretty easily. I’m not winded or tired when I get finished… just feel invigorated.

So, I’ll be “kicking it up a notch” in the next few days. Maybe doing a morning walk on my own at a faster pace (or longer duration) and then an easier walk with the girls in the afternoons.

And as long as the weather holds out, I’ll be walking – rain or shine. It’s the heat I can’t handle!

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