Menu Plan Monday ~ 1 August

What a whirlwind weekend.  Friday we spent a good part of the day buying school shoes and finalizing our back-to-school shopping. We’re all done (thank goodness) and I’m now broke (ha!) so I guess that is a good thing that we’re done.

I also spent some time Friday evening organizing my recipe books. If you recall, I bought these adorable cookbooks that I had planned to use for storing my recipes. I finally sat down and sorted and organized and purged and organized and… well, you get the idea.

Now I have three adorable cookbooks on my shelf -  IMG_0661

One for the “regular foods,” one for baked goods and another one that has all my cookie recipes, Christmas/Holiday recipes and candy recipes. I have quite a few cookie recipes because I hosted cookie swaps for about six years at Christmastime and everyone shared their recipes – six years times ten or twelve people per year and you end up with a lot of cookie recipes! (maybe I’ll do a virtual cookie swap this year?!?)IMG_0660

Anyway, back to the weekend –

Saturday we went to a sweet wedding shower for a girl who used to babysit the girls and attends our church. We’re friends with her parents, too, and it was so nice to be able to celebrate her upcoming marriage with them. The girls loved being a part of the festivities – Big Girl took pictures and Little Bit helped to hand out the gifts.

Then we came home because I had a serious migraine headache and needed a little down time. SuperMan was gone all day and Big Girl had a friend over that evening for a sleepover. Between all of that and the huge storm we had that knocked out power for about 3 hours, it was a heck of an afternoon.

Sunday we were at church and had plans to veg at home for the afternoon, but some friends gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse – to spend the afternoon at the lake with them. So, in spite of my lingering migraine, we headed to the mountains for some swim time.

IMG_0647Today has been all about homemaking – and work, of course – I’ve made my weekly loaf of homemade bread, gave the girls homemade chocolate, chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and baked the family’s favorite banana bread for a breakfast treat later this week.  I’ve also whipped up some spaghetti sauce and got my lasagna going in the crock pot for tonight’s supper. (and now I am tired!)

Tomorrow is a dentist appointment for me (I broke a crown last week 😦 That will be fun – not!) so I picked something easy for dinner (and soft) because I have no idea how I’ll feel after my dentist visit. I also have a meeting Tuesday night, so I wanted something I could make quickly that SuperMan and the girls can eat while I’m out.


Here’s what else I have planned for meals for the week:

  • Monday: Crock Pot Lasagna with garlic bread & salad (never made it last week)
  • Tuesday: Creamy chicken with pasta & veggies
  • Wednesday: Mexican casserole (or meat loaf, depending on my mood)
  • Thursday: Stir fry chicken
  • Friday: Homemade pizzas
  • Saturday: Chicken lettuce wraps (SuperMan helps me with this dish)
  • Sunday: Grilled chicken & veggies

Join us over at and share your menu plans – or pick up some great ideas for your own family dinners!


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