Did you know? Easy access to recipes!

If you have been a reader for a while, you’ve probably figured out that most Wednesdays mean a new recipe post on the blog. But what you may not know is that I’ve created a quick and easy reference for you to use to go back and find a recipe.

So, when you decide you want to try out my crock pot lasagna or maybe bake a Sunshine cake, you can quickly and easily access the recipes without a lot of searching and scrolling.

Simply click on one of these links:

  • You can click on the “Recipes” link on the top menu bar. It will link you to the Recipes page where all the recipes are directly linked and sorted by type.



  • You can also click on the “Looking For Recipes?” button on the sidebar. It will take you to the same page.

  • And, a third option is to search for a particular recipe – you can use the search box and type in any phrase – “bread,” for example – and find the posts that contain that phrase.

(You can use this search to look for any type of post or phrase in a post – not just recipe-related posts!)

Another thing I’ve done on the posts is add the easy print option so that you can print the recipe if you decide you want to keep it on hand in your own personal recipe collection.

Once you click on the button, it will bring up a window where you can delete anything from the post that you want (like photos or my extraneous chatter before a recipe) and then print your recipe.

image You can also save it as a PDF file and/or email the post to someone.

I hope this helps you to utilize the recipes I’ve posted on the blog. They are there for you, after all, and to share my family’s favorites with you so that they can become your family’s favorites!


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