Back to school (almost)

We’re in the countdown to the first day of school here…image

And, believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to it.   While I was so terribly excited for the girls to get out of school back in May, I am equally excited about them starting school again in a few weeks…

Here are a few reasons why:

  • While I love (initially) not having a schedule, the lack of routine causes us to slip into some not-so-good habits – staying up too late, sleeping in later than we should, eating junk, etc.  I’m looking forward to getting back into a structure/routine and getting us all back into some healthier sleep patterns.
  • And the eating thing is a big one, too. I have been so good about menu planning, but in the past few weeks, that has slipped as well, and I found us eating out a lot more in the past two weeks than my body or my budget really prefer. When we are in school, I am much more disciplined (I have to be!) about meals and meal planning.
  • I’ve enjoyed having the girls around me this summer, but to be honest, I think we are all starting to get on each others’ nerves a little bit.  It will be nice for them to have the stimulation (and distractions) of school and their after-school activities and I am looking forward to being able to work for several hours uninterrupted each day.
    Sad, I know, that I’m looking forward to work – but it is always a challenge in the summertime to balance working from home with two little monkeys running around asking to go swimming, to eat (constantly!) etc.  The ability to segment my day into “mommy” and “professional” times will be a very welcome change.
  • Back to school also means that summer is drawing to a close – which, while I have loved summertime, is wearing out its welcome here and we’re all ready for some change in the air and cooler temperatures. Honestly, I’m getting tired of my summer clothes! I’m ready to pull out some fall colors and long sleeves.

So, bring it on… bring on the new school clothes, book bags and lunch boxes.  Bring on the fall leaves and tumbling temperatures! I’m ready for you!


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One thought on “Back to school (almost)

  1. I am so not ready for the new school clothes! My oldest is entering middle school. Until now she’s worn a uniform. This is the first year without one and she is, well, eccentric. I can see her in stripes, dots, and plaid already. But, that’s her and I’m ok w/it. I am not prepared for the COST of new school clothes.


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