Five on Friday: Summer Favorites

Oh, I’m so thankful it’s Friday! It has been an interesting week.  Even though it was a short work-week, it’s been packed full.  Today the girls both have sleepovers – one here, one away – and SuperMan is working overtime, so the craziness continues.

I’m taking the afternoon off, though, so I plan to get in some quality scrapbooking and pool time for sure.

I am enjoying summertime so much this year… which is very different from years past. I used to think of summer as something to endure – endure the heat, endure the bugs, etc. Now, I’m relishing summer and all the unique things it has to offer.

I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite things about summer today ~ and maybe you can do the same in the comments?

So, here’s my

Five on Friday:
Summer Favorites

  1. Fresh, sweet corn – cooked on the grill to enhance the sweetness – slathered in butter and sprinkled with salt.  I would eat this every single day in the summer if I could (and I usually do!)  It’s one of those things I find myself reminiscing about on the cold winter nights when we’re eating frozen (or canned, blech) vegetables because there is no fresh corn in sight.                                         
  2. The sound of the tree frogs and crickets as they sing me to sleep at night.  This is the quintessential sound of summer to me.  The first time I hear the frogs, is when I know it is truly summer. Some nights, I leave my bedroom porch door open just a little so that I can hear the frogs in the pond outside our room as they sing to their lady friends.
  3. All the fresh, local fruit you can eat – watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, nectarines, berries, plums, the list goes on and on. It’s a virtual smorgasbord for me. And since I’m not doing sugar these days, the sweetness of the fruit satisfies my sweet tooth in a healthy and acceptable way.
  4. “Sleeping in” – or, more accurately, not having to get up in the dark to get going for the day. I love allowing my body to reset itself back to it’s natural sleep patterns… which, for me, means staying up a little later and sleeping a little later in the mornings. I relish waking up without the alarm clock and I’m dreading August 11th when the girls go back to school and we’re up before the sun again.
  5. Lazy days spent at the pool or the beach – although we haven’t made it to the beach yet this year, we’re enjoying our neighborhood pool. It’s nice to unwind at the end of the day with a dip in the pool and to just let your body relax and swirl around in the cool water.  It’s even more fun when spent with friends. 🙂

What are YOUR five favorite things about summertime?

Share them in the comments below – or if you want to include them in your own blog post, include a link in the comments below! Tags:

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Summer Favorites

  1. Hello, I saw your comment on my blog today and wanted to stop by. This is a fun post and sounded just like me and not liking summer too much. This summer though I’m trying to enjoy it a bit more and be more thankful for this rest/play/unschedule time with the kids. Also trying to embrace the outdoors and the bugs and heat. I like your list for 5 things and did something like this awhile back on my blog too. Here is my list of 5 things though:
    1. watching the sunset in the backyard from my deck or if too cool from family room window. It is so breathtaking watching it from start to finish and seeing the colors keep changing.
    2. having the windows open and a light breeze coming thru them and sleeping with the windows open.
    3. eating our fresh veggies from our garden and drinking lemonade.
    4. spending 4th of July with family, fireworks, smores everything about this holiday. My daughter’s bday is also this month.
    5. Going camping, swimming in our pool and going to beach.
    I really don’t want this summer to end after the last winter we had which was looong and cooold.


  2. I think these are great ones… although I don’t get to watch sunsets from my deck because we have too many trees! (I call our house the tree-house)
    Thanks for stopping by!


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