On a Saturday Morning ~ 9 July

Outside my window … it is rainy, misty and foggy. PERFECT weather to stay home and scrapbook, which is what I am planning to do today.

I am thinking about … well, I’m thinking about too many things. I need to try to quiet my mind some this weekend. I’m not sleeping well lately, and I think it is because I have too much on my mind.

I am thankful for … all of the blessings in my life, especially my family.

From the kitchen … baking bread today – and maybe some chili, even though it is way too hot for it, I have a craving.

I am wearing … my usual Saturday “uniform” of yoga pants and t-shirt.

I am creating … hoping to create some scrapbook pages today, and some yummy food.

I am reading … just started a new book last night, but only made it 10-15 pages in before I got sleepy. Trying to find something to grab my attention. Have had a couple “dud” books the last few weeks.

I am hoping … SuperMan’s work doesn’t do another layoff soon.

I am hearing … the washer, dryer and sounds of Pound Puppies on TV.

Around the house … the chaos that comes when the kids are home 24/7 in the summertime.

A few plans for the week … work, church, scrapbooking & the pool.

What about you?

Hop on over to The Simple Woman’s Daybook to log your entry.

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