8 New Recipes to Try this Week

I’m kind of in a rut these days… we’re grilling for dinner pretty frequently, especially since it’s so hot and that keeps my house cooler.

So, I’m on the hunt today for some new recipes to try – and that leads me to my stash of linked recipes I’ve accumulated.

I am a big fan of Delicious – I use it to keep track of all the recipes I stumble across as I’m reading blogs. I love the fact that I can tag it and that makes it so easy to go back and find a recipe without going through a bajillion links to find the needle in the haystack.

I usually tag “recipe” as a basis, adding the type of recipe – cookies, bread, dessert, main dishes, etc. to make it easier to find later on.

I also use the “star” feature in Google Reader to keep track of my favorite blog posts. I need to take those and add them to Delicious, though. That way, I’ll have everything in one place.


Once I try a recipe and make it my own, I move it to my recipe binder and keep the link for future reference.

I thought I’d share some recipes I’ve got earmarked to try sometime soon ~ as soon as I get out of this rut that I’m in, that is.  (it’s a delicious rut, but a rut nonetheless)

What about you? Do you have any recipes you’ve got marked to try sometime soon?

4 thoughts on “8 New Recipes to Try this Week

  1. Yummy! Thank you for finding these for us, Lois!
    I’m also having a “what to make” time just now. Same old recipes for dinner… no inspiration… bleah! I must get myself motivated and come up with something new – I did manage cheesy baked potatoes with pastrami for last night’s dinner, but it’s not exactly inspired. And almost everything is served with spinach salad or mixed salad just now… peas last night, but usually salad. What has happened to my Cooking Mojo? Bored with cooking…
    I will look at your suggestions and see if I can wake myself up!


  2. That chicken looks great! I did a new zucchini casserole last weekend along with some grilled mahi with a tomato, avacado, mango salsa (yummy and summer-y!)
    Btw I was thinking of you a lot with this Anthony trial, after doing jury duty last summer I seem to pay attention to these legal things more 😉


  3. I thought a lot yesterday about the little trip down jury lane last summer, too. I was telling someone last night that I could totally see how that jury could’ve found itself in a position of finding the verdict they did just from all of the craziness that we went through in our little deliberation last summer – and that wasn’t where someone’s life hung in the balance. I have my own opinions about her guilt and about the verdict, but I can see where what seemed like a sure thing might not have felt that way in the jury deliberation room.


  4. I did a lot of salads in past summers, but find I don’t have the room in my new tummy for them, so they get forgotten a lot of times. Let me know if you come up with any new ideas!


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