Project Life Tuesday ~ 5 July

What a fun weekend we had – in spite of the fact that my poor momma got sick with a flu-type bug – and how nice it was to be with our family again. 

I have lots of pictures this week (seems to be a trend?) Having fun taking photos of every day things and I am starting to notice little things to take snapshots of while we are on our adventures… like the mini-car on a post that I wanted to take a picture of but couldn’t because it was pouring down rain (next time, I will, though)


Pretty Pedi with my friend Carol


Pool monkeys.IMG_0095

The spreadsheet that tried to kill me.IMG_0101

Recovering after finishing the killer spreadsheet IMG_0560

Arts and crafts to make a hot summer day pass more quicklyIMG_0110And when that fails, there is always the pool!IMG_0117Friday night’s dinner at a Japanese restaurant along the road to Savannah included new flavors of “Japanese sprite” and a walk along Main Street where we met a guard kitty in a store window.IMG_0126IMG_0129The lonely highway to Mom’sIMG_0132The beautiful dinner-plate hibiscus in my mom’s garden.IMG_0566

Hitching a ride with Pop PopIMG_0568

Helping Ammi make lunchIMG_0565Saturday morning shopping at the Farmer’s MarketIMG_0134Date night night-capIMG_0133Swingin’ with Momma.             IMG_0152

Dinner on the way home on the 4th.

4 thoughts on “Project Life Tuesday ~ 5 July

  1. Looks like a great week, except for that spreadsheet. I got a very similar pedicure. They are my favorite things to do. Thanks for linking up. Hope you have an awesome week.


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