Sights of the Season

image More Journal Your Christmas pages. I’m getting caught up slowly, but looking forward to getting more pages done once my holiday break begins on Thursday afternoon. That’s how I want to spend my free time ~ scrapbooking!


JYC2010 - Page 010 Journaling reads:

There are many things that signal the oncoming holiday season for me. One of them is the "changing of the guard" (so to speak) at Starbucks – when the Red Cups are introduced. That's when you know all the yummy holiday drinks are out and it's time to sneak a trip to Starbucks when you are Christmas shopping.One of the other signs of the season for us is when our neighbor farmer puts up his hay "Snowmen" in the pasture. We watch impatiently after Thanksgiving and it's always so much fun to drive by and see they are finally there! Poinsettias are also a big sign for me that Christmas is here. This year, I ordered a huge one from a fundraiser at South Forsyth. I was so excited to get it and love looking at the bright colors.

JYC2010 - Page 011 Journaling reads:

One of my most precious Christmas decorations is this Christmas tree. My Great-Grandmother Achord made this in her post-stroke program one year. I love it because it was made by her and it's one of the few things I have of hers. I have replaced many of the "bulbs" over the years and the girls know that it is a strictly "eyes, not fingers" type of decoration. I pack it lovingly away each January and can't wait to pull it out of the packaging each December. To me, that's one of the ways I know Christmas is really here – when my tree is lit for the first time.

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