Pop that Corn, man!

One of the things I love about wintertime is the fact that I have an easy excuse to be a homebody.  I am a hermit by nature and wouldn’t leave my house if I could help it. I love my house and I love being at home.  When it is yukky and cold outside I have the easy out and can make plans for staying home by the fire with my kiddos.

Today we ran a bunch of errands, and, with the exception of groceries, we are DONE with our holiday preparations.  We’ll brave the grocery store on Wednesday morning, I think.

One of the things we picked up while we were out were a handful of movies to watch over the next few days. I love those Red Box kiosks.  What a great invention. Stop by, grab a couple videos and you’re only out a couple bucks. And if you don’t watch them by the next day? No worries. It’s only another dollar. Love it!

Anyway, here are the movies we have on tap for our viewing pleasure:

SuperMan and I saw this in the theater last summer. Loved it. Angelina Jolie is not one of my favorite people but she can really act and she does a great job with this movie.  I loved it. Powerful, yet vulnerable. In charge, yet, not. 

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to watch it again.

Also on the agenda:


I actually can’t wait to see this one. I started the book, got distracted, and never went back to finish it. So, I’m looking forward to some closure with the movie.  I also like Julia Roberts a lot, so I’m thinking this will be an enjoyable watch.  I’m planning to watch it tonight after everyone goes to bed – while I wrap Christmas gifts.

Big Girl picked out one as well:


I think she picked it out because the girl is the same one in our all-time favorite movie Mama Mia! but I’ve been wanting to see it myself, so I was game.

Don’t know if we will watch this one tonight or tomorrow morning (or at least the girls would watch it tomorrow morning) – it will depend on SuperMan and whether he is game for a chick flick or not.

Have you seen any of these?

Thoughts, opinions?

Any other suggestions for other movies to watch while we’re on holiday break?

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