Holiday Baking

imageI hadn't really planned to bake this year. Not much, anyway. But it seemed the closer Christmas came, the more I had the urge to bake. I finally did some baking on the 16th and then again on the 18th. 

Once I got started it was hard to quit! I made oatmeal-craisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, chocolate meringue cookies, reindeer bark, spiced nuts, and eggnog cookies…

For someone who wasn't going to bake, I sure did make a lot!

But, everyone enjoys the cookies and the girls and I enjoy the baking process. It was fun to have their help in the kitchen this year. They are still not interested enough for hours of baking, but they enjoy helping out on a cookie recipe or two.

holiday bakingYou can see more of my JYC pages on Flickr

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