My Day By the Numbers

I finally got around to doing my first prompt (not the first prompt, just the first one I’ve done) on Shimelle’s True Stories class.  Life has been so busy, I haven’t even had time to read the prompts, much less write the responses.  But I am determined to do them – I love her classes and always find such inspiration – both for my writing and my scrapbooking – when I take them.

Here’s today’s page:

2010 Family Album - Page 035

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8 thoughts on “My Day By the Numbers

  1. Yes, I’m learning to do more of this – capturing the little things – and I am finding I really like looking back at them later. I did a “This is my life right now” mini book in 2008 and it is cool to look back at it two years later and see what is the same and what is different.


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