My Day By the Numbers

I finally got around to doing my first prompt (not the first prompt, just the first one I’ve done) on Shimelle’s True Stories class.  Life has been so busy, I haven’t even had time to read the prompts, much less write the responses.  But I am determined to do them – I love her classes and always find such inspiration – both for my writing and my scrapbooking – when I take them.

Here’s today’s page:

2010 Family Album - Page 035

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More of Me: The Abridged Version (part 2?)

I finally had a few minutes to sit down the other day and do some more work on my Me: The Abridged Version book.  I thought I'd share the pages with you. 

I'm still really enjoying this project. I just wish I had more uninterrupted time to work on it.  The writing requires a level of concentration that is not possible when your family is running around behind you.  I guess I'll have to pull some more late nights (like I did when I finished these pages) to get the book finished.

You can see, if you compare to my last post, that I haven't made to much progress. Fortunately, I have no deadline.  I am more interested in writing something that is meaningful and will capture the real "Me" than I am in getting finished. So, I will take my time and write when I can and not worry about it when I can't.

Anyway, without further ado:

I just added some more to this page. Thought it was vital to include documentation about my disregard for the avocado (ha!)

Me-The Abridged Version - Page 001

And one more:

Me-The Abridged Version - Page 004

Well, like I said, I haven't made much progress. But I'll keep plugging away and share with you when I make some more pages.