Game Night

On Friday, Big Girl was under the weather. She had a virus and a nasty fever and spent the day at home. Saturday she was a little better but still not feeling great. However, she was feeling good enough to get “cabin fever” from being at home with little to do for two days except watch TV and rest.

So, we broke out the board games on Saturday night and played Scrabble together.2010 Family Album - Page 034

What started out as four separate “teams” turned quickly into two “teams” playing.  What was interesting was how hard it was to make words even when we had fourteen letters to use (instead of the usual seven).  You would think it would’ve been easier. But, when you have six “A’s” and few consonants, I don’t think it matters much.

We had a good time, though.  I was very proud of the girls’ spelling ability and their creativity in coming up with words. SuperMan’s creativity was impressive, too – especially his “creative spelling” on a few words. 

I’m looking forward to more game nights this winter.

4 thoughts on “Game Night

  1. This is a lovely page! The kind I love best, documenting a family time together … Love your design too, with its space for journalling AND photos. Glad she is recovering. 🙂


  2. We haven’t really started the Game Night tradition, but I think we might… the girls haven’t really gotten the concept of game night until recently and usually playing games devolved into tears and tantrums. This past weekend, though, was pretty fun. Maybe they are growing up enough to play games nicely now?!?


  3. Thank you! I am learning to keep a notebook of printouts/clippings of layouts I like and then just scraplift the design when I have pictures to use. It makes it much easier to get creative when I have the base layout and pictures to start with already.


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