The Bachelor (again!?!)

As you know from my past posts, The Bachelor/ette is one of my (stupid) guilty pleasures. 

One of my favorite Bachelors of past seasons was Brad Womack.  While I was shocked and disappointed that he didn’t choose anyone, I respected his decision NOT to choose; NOT to be pressured into doing something he didn’t feel was right.

Although I thought it was a sneaky, dirty trick the way ABC led us sheep to the slaughter – thinking there was going to be a proposal and everything without a hint that there might be something wrong in La-la Land, I understood it was just their idea of theatricality.

I felt bad for the girls and for Brad after it was all over. He was vilified and they came across as pathetic and sad.

Last week ABC announced Brad is back as the next season’s Bachelor.

My first reaction was surprise. I mean, didn’t he learn his lesson last time?

And he wants to come back for more?

Goodness Gracious!!

Doesn’t he know better?

I thought he was a (fairly) intelligent man.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Is he in need of money? Is that why he is doing this?

Does he want fifteen more minutes of fame?

Does he think this will redeem him in the eyes of the Bachelor-watchers around the world? (and why would he care what those people thought, anyway?)  I feel pretty sure Mike Fleiss will throw him under the bus if it means good ratings. I’m thinking Mike Fleiss doesn’t really care about anything BUT ratings.

Does he really think he’s going to find True Love on this show?

One never knows. And we may never know his real motivation for re-joining the Bachelor franchise.

But, I do know one thing. It will be interesting TV viewing.  And I’ll be right there in January – watching to see what unfolds.

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