Looking for a place to print your digital pages?

I just recently tried out a new digital printing service and I thought I would share my impressions with you.  You may have heard of Scrapping Simply before, or you may not. I hadn’t, up until this fall.  I heard about them through the ubiquitous Facebook. Their current customers raved about the prints and customer service so when they posted a special right before Christmas, I jumped at the chance to try them out.

I had a ton of 8×8 and 12×12 pages I wanted printed.  With the special pricing it was such a great deal I got them all done. I had 24 8×8 prints done for less than $25 and 20 12×12 for less than $40.  Now, that was with their special discount but still, it’s a darn good deal.

Their website lists the following pricing structure:

  • 12×12, 10×10  $1.99
  • 8.5×11, 8×10   $1.89
  • 8×8                  $  .99
  • 6×6                  $  .79
  • 5×7                  $  .99
  • 5×5                  $  .59
  • 4×6                  $  .29

They also do canvases and a whole bunch of other things.

I got my prints today and I have to say, I am VERY pleased.  The colors are true, the images are crisp, and the prints look really good. I wish I could show you one in person, but I am thinking something would be lost if I took a picture of the picture and posted it. 🙂

I had one small issue – where some of my fonts were substituted from the ones I originally had selected.  I called them to ask about it.  They were very prompt in responding to my question and it turned out to be a software issue on my end. They were very gracious and helpful and even offered to reprint the pages for me at no cost if I wanted to fix the issue on my end and re-send them.  That was impressive. Especially since it was not even their issue to begin with.

So, I will be using Scrapping Simply for more prints.  I was very happy with my products. 

More scrapping and other news tomorrow.  We have had snow here today and the kids have been home from school.  Life has been rather hectic around here. 🙂

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