The view outside my window




We have snow here today.  A rarity in the south.  The kids are thrilled; they have the day off school and they are trying to figure out what they can use as an improvised toboggan to slide down our hills.


I am using the snow to my advantage and have told them they must clean their rooms before they can go outside. (hee hee) We will see if it works. I am doubtful as our standards of cleanliness are not even close to each other.

IMGP1947 Snow Day Breakfast
popcorn, cantaloupe and cake. Yum.


Buster has decided that he is most definitely not a snow dog and is hiding in my office under a blanket in hopes no one notices him.


Sydney thinks the white stuff is yummy and it eating all that she can get in her snout. It’s pretty funny to watch.


I am just so thankful –

  • for the heat we have to keep us warm and the roof over our heads
  • for SuperMan who is home with us today and will entertain the kids while I work.
  • for the fact that the Miata wouldn’t make it to the stop sign so he had to stay home.
  • for my girls’ excitement and joy in something so simple as snowfall.

I am hoping to get some templates posted this weekend. Depends on how much time I spend out in the snow, I think.


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