I was asked the other day if there is anything that gets in the way of my writing – My immediate response to this question is “Life.” Life gets in the way of my writing.

But then, when I stopped and thought about it and wondered if that is really true.

I think there are all sorts of time wasters that we all succumb to (Facebook, anyone?) that take away from the time we’d have to be doing other things. Things we should be doing or things we’d like to do but always feel like there is not enough time to do.

Now, granted, working full time, taking care of the house, the kids, the critters and a hunky SuperMan takes up a LOT of my time.  But, if I’m brutally honest with myself, there are things I can eliminate that would free up time for me to pursue other things I’d like to be doing more of.

Like exercising, reading, writing, and scrapbooking.

What sorts of things can I eliminate?

Laundry, mopping, taking showers….

No, wait, that won’t work.

But, I’m sure I could spend a little less time on Facebook.  A little less time watching TV.  A little less time piddling around on the internet.

But for me, the big thing that helps me to fit those important things into my life (as opposed to just the Urgent, or urgently-tempting-me things) is this:



I was feeling very, very scattered last week, catching up from being on holiday for a week.  I just felt overwhelmed every single day at all the things I had to accomplish.  Bills to pay, laundry to do, spreadsheets and powerpoints to finish, reports to run and records to edit.  It seemed insurmountable and all I wanted to do was crawl back in bed and dream it all away.

For the first day or two, I didn’t do much different than that. I didn’t sleep, but I did everything I could to avoid reality. And I knew I was doing it.

Then, I woke up on Wednesday and told myself it was time to put on my big girl pants and get on with things.  Sometimes I have to do that – have a stern talk with myself.  (and sometimes I actually listen)

I sat down and made a list – well, two, actually. One personal and one for work. I listed at the top all the things that I had to do.  At the bottom, I listed all the things that I wanted to do. Those are two different lists. And it helped me to FOCUS on the things I needed to get done, while identifying and recognizing the other things I wanted to do as well.

I woke up Friday morning, for the first time all week, not feeling like I was at the bottom of a very tall hill that had to be climbed.


I knew what I had accomplished (love checking off those boxes!)

and I knew what was yet to be done.

It’s amazing to me how a simple little list can help me change my mindset so quickly. It seems archaic but it works. And that is all that really matters to me.


2010: One Word

There are several scrapping ladies around the world (many, I’m sure) who have adopted a tradition of coming up with their “one word” for the year. I am not sure if Ali Edwards started this or if she got it from somewhere else. (I know that is where I first heard of it)

I’ve been interested in the concept  in years past, but have never signed up to choose a word and then track how I lived to that word for the year. Seemed like too much work for me.


Last year, around this time, I started to think yet again about the One Little Word project and what my word for 2010 would be. It came to me immediately.


I wanted 2010 to be the year I focused on taking care of me. On making choices that would help me to be healthier and happier. On not letting myself get put last on the list of people to care for. I wanted to focus on me.

And, well, now that we’re at the end of 2010 (give or take a few weeks) I am looking back and I think the choice of word is maybe not the right one.

Looking back now, I think maybe the word I would choose for 2010 would be



or maybe even




That’s what 2010 has been for me.

After the surgery in February a lot has changed in my life.  But rather than it all being about me, it’s been more like I’ve been coming out of a cocoon and rediscovering my life.

  • I’ve been reawakened to the things that matter most in my life – and the things that don’t.
  • I’ve learned to carefully select how I spend my time and with whom I spend it.
  • I’ve learned that it really does matter if I eat or drink something that is not good for me.
  • I’ve learned that the quality of the time I spend with those I love is really more important than anything else.
  • I’ve learned what’s really important to me and what’s not so important anymore.

I’m also learning to love myself again. To invest in myself. And that includes making good choices about eating and sleep, hobbies and friends, saying yes and saying no.

so, rather than 2010 being the year of me it’s been the year of rediscovery.

What has your 2010 been? How would you sum it up in a word?