Summertime fun

We’re getting into the swing of summertime around here – staying up late, later meal times, lots of trips to the pool, and some other random adventures along the way.

One day last week (I can’t remember which day, I was working) SuperMan and the girls went strawberry picking.


It was a beautiful sunny day – although you can’t really tell it here in these pictures.  Just warm enough but not so hot that it was unpleasant outside.



They had a great time picking the berries and then when they came home, Big Girl washed the berries and they trimmed the tops and put them in the freezer for us to enjoy later.


The berries were tiny, but so sweet. Little Bit ate them like candy after they had been cleaned.


My girls are getting so big – their faces are changing – and their little bodies are getting so long and lean.  My babies are growing up so fast!!


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