Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday, y’all!

It was a crazy busy week last week with SuperMan working 12 hour days and the girls having testing – not to mention my own busy work schedule.  This week isn’t much better, but I’m hoping to stay on top of things with my menu plans and some proactive housework today.

The pollen is insane, y’all – Look at the numbers from last week:
(from the Weather Channel)




A “very high” pollen count is anything over 1500.  EIGHT THOUSAND is just ridiculous.  I mean, I think anything over 5,000 deserves its own ranking above and beyond “very high.”  If “very high” is more than 1500, they should call 8,000 INSANE!

Needless to say,we’ve been doing a LOT of sneezing around here.  The rain we’ve had over the past few days has helped to lower pollen counts somewhat, but I think those little trees and flowers are just going to keep on keepin’ on and we’re in the midst of some serious pollen this spring.


The girls and I have started taking a teaspoon of local honey every morning. We’re hoping it will help us with our pollen/allergy tolerance.

One of the girls is loving this new habit.  The other, not so much. It’s a LOT of sweet to ingest first thing in the morning.  I’m kinda having a hard time with it myself.  Makes me want to take a nap after I eat it! Smile

But, if it helps, it’s so much better than taking a bunch of medicine, if it will help us.

SuperMan’s working 12-hour days again this week.  He’s working so hard right now, taking care of us girls… but we miss him a lot.  We’re so thankful for the work but wish he was home with us at the same time.

Since he’s working long hours and the girls have testing again this week, I’m planning some yummy dinners – and things that I can give to SuperMan as leftovers for his lunches –


Monday: Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken and Cracker Barrel Hash Brown Casserole Friday: Mexican
Tuesday: Meatloaf with roasted potatoes & veggies Saturday: Homemade pizzas
Wednesday: Chicken Spaghetti (never made it last week) Sunday: lunch out & small group snacky dinner
Thursday: Pork Chops (new Pinterest find!) with couscous & veggies Sweet Treats: banana bread (if everyone doesn’t eat all my bananas!)  brownies (for lunch snacks) and maybe some new muffins I’ve discovered on Pinterest.

What’re you planning for dinner this week?

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