A Mellow Monday of Menu Planning


Well, hello, there!  Happy Monday to you.IMG_1837[1]

I’m sitting here sipping a cup of my favorite tea, nibbling on a slice of pound cake and contemplating my week.  I’m thinking about what I’d really like to do versus what I have to do…

What I’d like to do includes some crocheting/knitting, a hike on the mountain, some baking and maybe some apple picking.  What I have to do includes work, laundry, early release for school and stuff like that.

Hmmm… which would you prefer? Yeah, me too.

Ah, well, it’s not to be, I guess. I’ll just fit in the fun where I can.

Here’s what I have planned for dinners/lunches this week.  The girls have requested no sandwiches this year for their lunches, so I’ve gotten creative and we’re doing a lot of salads, leftovers and things like that in their lunchboxes.  They’re loving it and I’m happy to see the empty containers coming home instead of half-eaten sandwiches.



  • Monday: bagel bites, apple/clementine, yogurt & granola bar
  • Tuesday: leftover ham slices, cheddar cheese, crackers & fruit
  • Wednesday: chili mac in thermoses
  • Thursday:leftover stir fry rice
  • Friday: salads with grilled chicken

I’m also thinking about making a batch of my baked oatmeal for breakfast and possibly an apple cake for snacks.

What’s cookin’ in your kitchen this week?

Hop on over to orgjunkie.com for more dinner ideas…


5 thoughts on “A Mellow Monday of Menu Planning

  1. I’m stopping by from Organizing Junkie’s menu link up.
    I love your lunch menu! I struggle with lunches for us here at home. I have 2 little ones and some days it’s tough coming up with good stuff to eat.
    And fajitas… I think that’s one of my top 5 favorite meals. Your menu looks delish!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I am just now starting lunch menus but am finding that I really, really like it – as do my kids. It makes my mornings so much easier and I’m finding that I actually start making lunches the night before because I already know what I’m going to do… and that is just wonderful for a non-morning-person like me.


  2. I’m always interested in some new recipes to add to my Recipe File Box. That’s why I love MPM!
    Looks like there’s going to be lots of yummy meals eaten this week.


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