Lions, Koalas and Bears, oh my!

On Labor Day, as we headed home from Mom’s house, we decided to take a detour and go to the zoo in Columbia, SC.

SuperMan and I hadn’t been to the Riverbanks Zoo in over ten years and we wanted the girls to experience it – it used to be one of our favorite day trips from Savannah.


It was a fun little excursion. We were rained on as we went through the park, but I was determined to see the animals in spite of the rain.  Which made for quite the adventure. Apparently, the zoo animals are not as adventurous as I am – most of them went into their “barns” once the rain came.

We had fun regardless.img_1974

I loved watching the big cats. (they were hot – it was before the rainstorm)

And the koala bears were just adorable. img_1975

They were sound asleep (apparently, they sleep 20 hours a day – why wasn’t I born a koala?!?) and they looked like stuffed animals, not real creatures.



The giraffes were trying to get in out of the rain – Little Bit and I didn’t care.


And the gorillas were being anti-social. I can’t say as I blame them. Bunch of tourists gawking at them…

I love this picture of Little Bit’s reflection superimposed on the gorilla – purely accidental but it turned out great.


And her hand in the gorilla’s handprint.


Wet people preparing to go get in the car and dry off:


And then it was the three hour drive (in the rain) home.

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