Menu Plan Monday ~ 18 June

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  We did. It was busy on Saturday, but Sunday was all about peace and rest.  Other than church, we took it easy all day. I even managed a two-hour nap!! I cooked SuperMan some homemade spaghetti for his Father’s Day lunch and we enjoyed some grilled burgers and hotdogs for dinner. It was a really nice day.

I haven’t had a menu planning post for a long time – I have either not had a plan (eek!) or have been recycling the same menus from previous weeks and therefore didn’t really have anything to share with you. I have been so busy, I’ve been sticking to the same tried-and-true recipes that I knew were easy, sure to please the family, and easy for me to shop for and prepare.

I have gotten a little bored, though, and so I have decided to try to incorporate some new recipes into the rotation this summer. We are finally  hitting out “summer stride,” which means slower days and more time for experimentation in the kitchen.  I’m looking for things I can prepare ahead and/or use my crock pot to cook.

So, here are this week’s plans:

I’m also planning to try some new things for lunches this week. Still working on those, but I want to get away from processed, “convenience” foods for the girls’ lunches. I’m thinking salads, wraps, things like that… if you have any suggestions that would be kid-friendly, please pass them along! I am hoping to broaden their palates this summer – and teach Big Girl to do some basic cooking/food prep to help me out and grow her skills in the kitchen.

Well, that is it for me today. Not feeling too hot – I think I have picked up a virus – so I am off to mega-dose on some Vitamin C and take some Tylenol.

Hope to have some scrapbooking posts for you this week – I have THREE weeks of Project Life to catch up on! I think I printed 60+ pictures this weekend. Ay-yi-yi!

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday ~ 18 June

    1. not every single week. the people I live with don’t eat it up fast enough and it was getting moldy. I make it for special treats now and then they gobble it up more readily. I need to get back into the habit of baking my own and not buying, but I just haven’t gotten focused on doing that.


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