Back home again

I’m slowly catching up on “real life” after being gone for almost ten days. I unpacked the suitcases this morning and put everything on my bed so I have to put it away before I can go to sleep tonight. (I hope!) The girls’ bags are next and I’m hoping to get those put away today as well. Laundry is caught up, thanks to doing a load or two at Mom’s before we came home.

Monday’s drive was wet and rainy – I think we drove through some “monsoons” as I haven’t seen rain that heavy in a while – you could hardly see in front of you.


Now, I’m just trying to get into a rhythm for the summer days – work for me and play for the girls. Trying to find that balance between working every waking hour because I don’t have anywhere I have to be and making time for some fun with the girls. I’m planning a few vacation days here and there with no specific plans – I think the girls and I will wake up and decide on the adventure of the day depending on what we feel like. Maybe the zoo, maybe the pool or something like that. I want to keep it easy and simple this year.

Later this week, I’ll share a few pictures of the adventures we had in Savannah last weekend and maybe a few more from my work trip, but how exciting are airport pictures and office buildings? I’m not so sure.

I’m hoping to get my Project Life pictures printed and in the album this week – I have two weeks’ worth to catch up on and a TON of pictures from last week. I’m excited, though, not overwhelmed, and can’t wait to write down the stories.

Friday night SuperMan and I will be going to the Shakespeare Festival – we’ve gone every summer since before Big Girl was born.  This week’s production is a musical version of Twelfth Night. Should be interesting. I love this company and they always put on a top-notch show. I’m thinking about packing a picnic dinner to enjoy before the show – they have outdoor seating and the weather is supposed to be nice. Might be a nice (cheap) date night idea…

Gracie cat is sick – she apparently got into a scuffle with another cat (we think) over the weekend and we came home Monday night to find her with an abscess the size of a golf ball on the side of her neck. I took her to the vet yesterday and they lanced it, got her cleaned up and put her on antibiotics.  (gross) She ended up with a bath, too, but her reward is that she gets to stay inside with us for a few weeks while she heals.  She is pretty happy even though she is sick – just purring away 24/7. Scooby is rather nonplussed about the whole thing and keeps giving me dirty looks like “I can’t believe you let HER in here.” She’s been annoyed with Gracie ever since Gracie was a kitten and used to run circles around her. It is no surprise that she is not happy to be sharing her people and house with her, but she will have to deal with it while we nurse the sick one back to health.

Well, I’m off to catch up on more of the never-ending, always-growing to-do list for work. More pictures and stories coming soon.

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