I’m traveling this week for work – and even though I AM working hard I am having a blast. Lots of memories from years’ past when I used to come out here regularly, and I’m enjoying catching up with work buddies that I usually only get to “see” as a voice on a conference call.

high in the sky
high in the sky

The weather is beautiful, although the trip out here was rough with about 4 hours of weather delays (ugh) – once I arrived, though, California has made it up to me with lots of sunny days and balmy temperatures.

My not-so-sunny landing
My not-so-sunny landing

I forgot how much I love it out here.

Hello, HQ!
Hello, HQ!

Tonight, I’m having dinner with my brother (I can’t wait) and then tomorrow is my last day of meetings. Today I managed to find my way across the San Mateo Bridge, over 3 different freeways and to our Pleasanton offices to see my folks there. I had a great lunch at Johnny Garlic’s (Guy Fieri‘s place) with them and we had a great time. (good food, too – someone had an pancetta/apple/brie/balsamic glazed pizza I was dying to try but too shy to ask for a bite! Now I wish I had!)

Over the bridge
Over the bridge

Friday it is home again – hope that the trip is uneventful and I can’t wait to see SuperMan and the girls.  It’s nice to get out here again – reminds me of how much I love my job and the company I work for.

I’ll try to post again soon.

Have a great week, guys!


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