I’m back! (and a project update)

Back from never-never land – where girls sew and do crafty things, stay up all night chatting and rise with the sun to sip tea and plan more crafty adventures…

The girls and I had a great visit with Mom – she went home yesterday and we’re all missing her already.

Big Girl got to do a lot of sewing with Mom this trip.  img_1328She made several things, including a tote bag that I had planned to make for her, but she took the project on herself. I’m so proud of her!IMG_1046[1]

And you may recall this little scrap (or two) of fabric from a tease last week…img_1324

I ended up making this:


Which was supposed to be a tote for my Bible and books for my Bible Study class. It’s called Cup of Joy and I thought the little coffee/tea cups were appropriate.

It’s got all sorts of pockets inside. (I love pockets!)


But, it is HUGE. The pattern I used didn’t have any finished dimensions on it and when I was done, I thought it was a bit too big for carrying back and forth each week.


So, I think I will save it for trips and such – and maybe use the scraps to make a smaller bag for my Bible tote.  (maybe this weekend!)

But, for now, I’m up to my eyeballs in spreadsheets and data management.  Going a little crazy but thankful I have a job and looking forward to more craft time this weekend.


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