Simple thoughts on Sunday

I don’t normally post on Sundays. I try to take the day as a true day of rest and focus on my faith and my family.

But I know I have been rather absent around here the past few days and lest you begin to wonder what was going on I thought I’d share a few tidbits.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Big Girl has been ill with a stomach thing. It’s still going on and I think we are headed back to the pediatrician on Monday. My thoughts are wandering down paths I don’t want to wander, like bacterial intestinal bugs and ulcers and the like. I want some answers and I really want my baby to begin to feel better.

We had big plans for Saturday that were put aside so that we could stay home and let Big Girl recuperate some more. However, life had other plans for us and we ended up at the children’s immediate care facility for Little Bit on Saturday afternoon! She is sick with a UTI (she gets them frequently – so fortunately we knew what it was pretty quickly) – the doctor said the cultures were “off the charts” – Lovely.

So, I now have two sickies and a worn out hubbie (he worked 60 hours this past week) and so I made the decision that we would all stay at home today and rest. It’s been a quiet day for us. I’ve done some cleaning (mopping and dusting) which is really therapy for me and helps me think things through while I work.  SuperMan has watched movies and helped me with folding laundry. He needs the rest.  The girls have played Barbies and watched movies, too.

As Sunday winds down, I’m wondering what next week will hold. Hesitating on putting together a meal plan until I know a little more about what Big Girl’s tummy will tolerate and thinking about what work commitments I might need to shuffle to take care of her.

This is just one of those stages of life – one of those times when I am thankful that I’m strong and resilient and that my momma taught me well about caring for others.  I’m happy to nurse my girls and nurture my sweetheart.  And I’ll be happier when they are all running amok in a few days and I’m pulling my hair out because they are all nuts. (which is our version of normal)

So, if you don’t hear from me, know that my focus is elsewhere and that I’ll be back soon.

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