A job well done –

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I spent a good part of my day sewing.
Which, for me, is quite the rare thing. I decided to make handmade gifts for the teachers & some of our friends (instead of the usual goodie bags full of treats – not feelin’ the baking thing this year)img_0760

I had two very willing helpers.  They were intrigued by the novelty of the whole process…


They liked filling the sleeves with the rice. And they did a great job (with minimal mess!)

After our assembly line was complete, we had seventeen heating pads.  How cool is that?!?  I am quite proud of my accomplishment. I can’t wait to give them to our friends and know that they will enjoy something that I made by hand to make them feel better when they are achy and tired.


After our hard work, we rewarded ourselves with a little treat.


Some festive Christmas feet!


One thought on “A job well done –

  1. Oh how fun! Makes me wish I had girls. J and C liked to bake with me though. J still does. But I don’t think he’d go for a pedicure after. ha ha. Thanks for the Christmas card, it is beautiful! 🙂


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