Menu Plan Monday ~ Thanksgiving Week

I bet you thought I’d skip planning meals this week, didn’t you?  I mean, at least two days are taken care of – Thursday’s turkey dinner and Friday’s leftovers, right?

Well, think again!

I didn’t want to spend my vacation week stressing about what to eat and rushing out to the grocery store (which will be packed with last minute shoppers) for something for dinner.

So, I planned accordingly, just as I always do. Now, I can relax and enjoy my family and crafting this week – and cooking, too!


Here’s what we have planned in our house for the week:

  • Monday: Leftover spaghetti or homemade pizzas (cleaning out the fridge for the big day!)
  • Tuesday: Low Country Boil (because I’m craving it)
  • Wednesday: ham, rice & black-eyed peas (using a ham slice, not a big ole ham)
  • Thursday: the BIG DAY! Turkey & the trimmings. We do potato balls instead of dressing & mashed potatoes. It’s SuperMan’s family tradition and I love sharing that part of our family with the girls. I’ll have an assortment of veggies: sweet potatoes, butter beans, green beans and maybe carrots. Add some yeast rolls and you have dinner!
  • Friday: Turkey & Dumplings (with the leftover turkey of course!)
  • Saturday: I’m hoping SuperMan is in the mood to make me some Brunswick Stew. He has an awesome recipe.
  • Sunday: probably eat out after church & then dinner will be with our Small Group from church

Since the girls are home with me this week, here’s what I’ve got planned for lunches:

  • BBQ sandwiches (I BBQed a pork butt on Saturday)
  • Chicken quesadillas (this may actually be Tuesday’s supper if we aren’t able to do the Low Country Boil)
  • Taco salads
  • Sub sandwiches (Little Bit will not eat any other type of sandwich, but she will eat a sub. Go figure)

I’m also planning to do some (minimal) baking this week. May try my hand at a pie (that is something I usually don’t do) and I’m thinking a Red Velvet or Carrot cake is in my future, too.

Other than that, I’m planning to spend my week being crafty, relaxing and just enjoying NOT working for a few days!  I’ve got some knitting projects I want to work on and a couple scrapbooking ones as well. 

We’ll also be going to see the Muppet movie when it opens – maybe wait until Saturday? And we are thinking about a trip to the bowling alley, too.  Should be a fun week.

What about you? Other than the big dinner, anything special planned? And for my readers who are in other lands, what’s on your agenda this week as we Americans prepare to eat ourselves into oblivion?

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday ~ Thanksgiving Week

  1. Scott’s family makes a stuffing that is just mashed potatoes and hamburger…. they have never had regular bread stuffing…. so he wants to make that every year. I do not like it for some reason…. I think it has to do with the seasoning. He uses Bell Seasoning which we can’t get here. His mom had to send it from the east coast. He makes enough to feed 10 people, and no one eats it but him, so he has it all week long after the holiday. ugh. But we’re making a turkey with all the trimmings too (including regular stuffing) Have not heard of stuffing and potatoes together though. I’ll still make mashed potatoes, carrots, squash, and green bean casserole. We are making 4 different pies too. it’s only going to be 5 of us. You’d think we were feeding an army, but everyone likes a different kind of pie.
    Going to bring the left over pie to mom and dads on Saturday which is when we celebrate with them and my brother and his wife. Have a wonderful week off…and a great Thanksgiving.


    1. Gracious! I’m trying really hard to rein it in this year since we are only going to be the four of us… and I certainly don’t need the extra sweets hanging around to tempt me. I’m trying to focus on the turkey & vegs in hope I can behave so I don’t pay later that day.


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