Project Life Tuesday ~progress

Well, I have made some progress – finally! – in my Project Life book.

I set up a scrap space in the living room this weekend and purposely ignored the chores, laundry, etc. for a few hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that I could get a little scrapbooking done.

I managed to get from January through April up to date. That, my friends, is a huge accomplishment, given that I had everything in piles – piles of pictures, piles of memorabilia, piles of printouts, post-its, etc. Organization was the first step, and then I just started putting things into pages.

For March and April, I gave up the notion of a two-page spread per week and just focused on getting groups of pictures together in logical arrangements. I actually like it pretty well, as it more accurately reflects our life – snippets of the everyday with a few things highlighted.

Here are a few of the pages. I’m using some different sized page protectors as well – 6×12 for the days when I have extra pictures, 8×10 for the kids’ school work and some printouts of some of my favorite blog posts I wanted to capture. (my blog is like my online scrapbook, so why re-do the journaling?) I also got an assortment of 12×12 pocket pages on with some different configurations of pockets that I’m using when I need some vertical picture sleeves.

I have to say, I’m loving this process. I want to get April/May/June done so that I can work week-to-week and stay caught up. I love the simplicity and being able to capture what was important without getting caught up in all the frills and furbelows of “traditional” style scrapbooking.

I am also loving the fact that I’m using up my stash. Other than the Project Life kit and a few packs of page protectors (mentioned above) I’ve not bought anything else. I’m just using what I have – which is copious amounts of paper and embellishments – and I love that I’m making do with what I have and still making something pretty. IMG_0580 IMG_0581 IMG_0582 I’ve decided to put my family calendar pages in for each month – thought it would be a good way to remember what we were up to each month. I’m using an 8×10 insert to hold them.

IMG_0583This is the back of the calendar page – a church bulletin and my self portrait marking one year since my surgery. IMG_0584 IMG_0585 IMG_0586

8×10 pages with my blog post. IMG_0587

Using one of the other inserts to get some vertical 4×6 pictures in. IMG_0588 IMG_0589 IMG_0590

loving the 8x10s to keep the kids’ schoolwork in the book. IMG_0591 IMG_0592

This is one of the 6×12 pages (on the right) for some extra pictures I had. IMG_0593a blog post – why redo the work? just stick it in a page protector! IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0598IMG_0599 Well, that’s a pretty photo heavy post! Thanks for sticking through to the end!!

More updates hopefully next week!

11 thoughts on “Project Life Tuesday ~progress

  1. Congrats on getting so much done, that is a lot of work. Your album looks great and love the extra page protectors in it and homemade touches to it. This is my favorite album to do and it never gets boring (this is my 3rd year). Keep up the good work on the rest of it and enjoy it. I do the pages as weekly this year and it’s more fun and easier for me. Have a good week.


  2. You’re doing such a great job on your album. It looks fantastic! I’m a little behind but I’m hoping to catch up soon. I’ve got three months to do.


  3. Thanks for stopping by, Dawn! This is my 2nd year. Last year was a combo of digi pages and PL pages, all mashed together in one album. I liked it, but I like the ease of this, too. I will probably do some digi pages, too, but right now I’m enjoying this process.


  4. I’ve got 3 months to do before I’m caught up, but I’m on vacation next week, so I am planning to work on it some when it’s too hot to go outside and do anything else. 🙂


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