It’s better late than never


As I mentioned on an earlier post – it’s been a busy couple of weeks.


That does not mean I haven’t been menu planning.

I just haven’t had time to post it!

I have to say, though, that if I hadn’t been menu planning, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten anything cooked the past two weeks. We would’ve probably been doing a lot of eating out and takeout.  NOT something I want to do – both for dietary and budgetary reasons!

My menu plans save me, week after week.

They save my sanity.

They save my waistline.

They save my budget.

I can’t live without them.

And just to show you that I have, indeed, been planning –IMG_0451


That’s my last three weeks’ worth of menus. 🙂

I had been using a printable calendar from I really liked using them this past school year.  They helped in keeping everyone’s schedules straight. I printed it and hung it on the refrigerator – that way there was no confusion from anyone in the house as to who was doing what and when.

Of course, I kept my own master calendar at my desk (it’s the green one on the bottom) that has everyone’s stuff in one place, but the printable pages made it easy for my family to see one week at a time what was planned. I even made a column for dinner menus!

For my master calendar, I’m using Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer. I have used it before and migrated away from it for a while, but I am back and loving the all-in-one planning space – especially having my menu plans, to-do, etc. in one place.

OK, enough about calendars – this is supposed to be my menu post!

Here’s the menu for the week.


  • Monday: pizza for the girls and calzones for SuperMan and me. Using our homemade pizza crust recipe.
  • Tuesday: Grilled chicken thighs, pesto pasta & a salad
  • Wednesday: Grilled chops, baby Yukon gold potatoes (in hobo pockets) and veggies
  • Thursday: BBQ chicken, mac & cheese & veggies
  • Friday: Mexican
  • Saturday: who knows – probably potluck or leftovers!
  • Sunday: we’re hosting dinner for our Small Group: Roasted Chicken Salad sandwiches on croissants & homemade bread, pasta salad (minus the chicken in this recipe) and Oreo pie for dessert. (I’ll post the Oreo pie recipe later this week)

Check out for more ideas!

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