Project Life Tuesday!!

Isn’t life supposed to SLOW DOWN once school is out?!?

Well, it hasn’t for us yet.

Last week was a busy, busy week. So much so that I’m not entirely sure I took pictures every day. I can’t even remember!

The girls’ recitals were over the weekend, so we had rehearsals on top of a short work week and recuperating from our whirlwind holiday weekend trip.

It’s been fun but I am certainly ready for things to slow down a little bit.  This week doesn’t look much like it will be any slower, but I am hopeful for next week. 🙂

I know I owe you my menu plan for the week, too. I’ll put it up in a separate post. Mom was here through yesterday and between recitals, working, doctors appointments and spending time with her, blog posting got pushed way, way down on the priority list.


Anyway, without further adieu, here is the PL Tuesday photo show. Enjoy!


I’m not quite sure what to say about this one, other than this is what happens when Mommy is working in another room and the kids are unsupervised and a camera is nearby. I think this is Little Bit in the laundry basket. But why? I’m not entirely sure!


Relaxing at the pool – and pummeling your sister – no better way to spend the summer.


Thursday afternoon ballet rehearsals. IMGP3569




Saturday night Jazz recital. Not a bad family picture, I think. 

IMG_0445Sunday ballet recital.


Relaxing in the hammock with Daddy.

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